5 Tips for Making Your Photos Beautiful, Useful, and Interesting

Sets of lights at the surface of Lake Yellowstone. Photograph by Amar Guillen, photographer artist.
Sets of lights at the surface of Lake Yellowstone.

5 Tips to Make a Photo Beautiful and Useful

To create a beautiful and useful photograph, you must start from its foundation. First, it must be technically correct.

A photo with visible technical errors will provoke criticism from your audience.

Your photo will no longer be looked at and analyzed for what it is. Judgment will be made on technique. This would be a real shame.

If you want to verify what I have just told you, just look at pictures that you or other people find beautiful. You will see that they are excellent in their technique.

When I refer to the basic photographic technique, I am implying the following points:

  • The choice of point of view.
  • The choice of a harmonious composition with adept management of the photographic masses.
  • The choice of framing.
  • The choice of negative space.
  • The management of the main photographic element’s sharpness.
  • The management of dynamic forms.
  • Etc.

I will now share how to do this.

The second piece of advice I will give you is to try to be creative. You must try to catch a person's eye by creating in a different way from other photographers.

Never forget that you have your own personality and above all that you are a unique person.

Creativity will allow you to highlight all the elements of your photo.

Your creativity can express itself with photographic techniques such as:

  • Panning.
  • Zooming.
  • HDR.
  • Etc.

But your creativity can also express itself with original compositions or frames that will characterize you.

In this case, you must change the basic photographic rules. You must absolutely master them before making any changes.

A third tip for how to create a beautiful and useful photo is to photos that mean something to you.

Try to put into words the emotions you feel when you photograph a nature scene.

In doing so, you are learning the photographic language that I have discussed in previous articles.

Since photography is a medium, you must know how to assemble the photographic elements and then link them together with appropriate photographic grammar. Your photo will then express a message, transmit an emotion. Or you will show your vision of the world in an aesthetic way.

If your photograph is significant, it will be useful to you because you will express yourself. I think that this point is particularly important.

It will also be useful to the audience that contemplates it. It will raise questions that can be moral, ethical, introspective, emotional.

The consequence of your photo being beautiful is that it will have exacerbated the senses of the viewers.

As a fourth piece of advice, I would recommend that you always showcase your photographs well.

Carefully choose the paper on which you will print your image so that it becomes a masterpiece.

I often compare this crucial stage to that of a chrysalis becoming a butterfly.

The birth of a photo through the printing process is always a moving, extraordinary moment.

Once the photograph finally exists on paper, be sure to frame it for presentation.

It will be the ultimate mark of respect for you and your audience.

In all the years I have spent creating art prints from nature, I have come to understand that presentation matters as much as content.

When I deliver an art print to a client, I always look into his eyes. His gaze immediately goes to the center of the print, but the hands and the body go through the frame to better appreciate the gift.

I believe that the happiness felt by my clients in these moments makes me understand why a photo must be beautiful and above all its usefulness.

Finally, for the fifth tip, I would recommend that you choose very carefully the title and the story you are going to tell.

The title should be evocative, perhaps poetic. But it must immediately provoke in the viewer a kind of escape or dream.

The title should be catchy, suggestive, provocative. Then it is the narration of the story in a few lines. This story will allow you to take the viewer into your world. You take him by the hand to take him on the path you followed to create your photo collection.

This is the final phase of how to create beautiful and useful photos.

Your Photos Are Not Made to Please Everyone

Above all, do not worry if your photographs do not please everyone. I would say that proves that your photographs are interesting.

If your photographs are unanimously approved by those who look at them, it is because you have created average photos.

Personally, that is not what I am looking for. As a professional photographer, I have loyal clients who share the same aesthetic, moral or ethical values as me. They are different from other people who do not appreciate my photographic activity.

If I had to create photos that pleased people in the second category, on the one hand I would lose all the people in the first category. On the other hand, I would please myself more.

I will no longer respect my photographic why. I will get lost. I would betray my values.

I think it is the same for you. Loyalty to your own values is the essential criterion for a successful photo business and for a successful life. The diversity of opinions as to whether a photo is beautiful and successful comes from the fact that the notion of beauty is subjective.

We each have different upbringings. We each grew up and evolved in different social environments.

We all have a different upbringing. We all grew up and evolved in different social environments.

Our literary, musical, aesthetic, and artistic tastes are different.

That is the strength of human beings. It is what generates the energy of inspiration. This is the intrinsic beauty of humanity.

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In short, the important thing for you is to create photos for those who love them and especially photos that look like you.

Do not look for unanimity. You would be boring.

If you have an established photographic approach, if you have a strong photographic why, if you have a strong photographic foundation, then you will create photos that will interest some people. They will be your audience.

These are the ones you must respect by offering them beautiful photographs that are useful to them.


Until now, you may not have considered photography as a means of expression that can create objects that are beautiful and useful.

I hope I have broadened your perspective on this.

I would recommend that you always create photos with those who love your style and vision in mind.

If you want to create a beautiful and useful photo, start by taking photographs of that which you are passionate about. The story should come from your heart.

You will gain confidence, and others’ criticism will not break down your spirit.

Be humble, patient, constant, persevering, and persistent because the road to excellence is long.


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