January 2018. Landscape Photo Project at the Grand Canyon

In January 2018, we left for a week to photograph the Grand Canyon again. This is our 7th trip in this region. We chose the heart of winter hoping to have a lot of snow and many clouds.

Our goal was to create 6 black and white artistic photographs for a collection of photographs in the theme "Around the Mind". Our idea was to use the Grand Canyon to symbolically illustrate special emotions. We chose the state of Arizona and the south rim because access to the north rim is closed in winter for weather reasons.

For us, the Grand Canyon remains a mythical place which is one of the most beautiful wonders of nature in the world. When we arrive, we always experience the same shock in front of its majesty and the height of the cliffs that plunge to nearly 1600 meters (5,000 feet). Nobody can be indifferent to this show.

For this project, we focused on the snow to accentuate the unrealistic side of the mineral landscapes. We had only one day during which the snow fell, but quickly melted.

We have been luckier with the clouds. We could make some very dramatic shots with a storm that happened on the Grand Canyon. It was impressive. The images made during this afternoon are enough to construct a collection alone.

For this project, we chose our "shades of blacks and whites" to enhance the visual impact of rocks and minerals.

Once again, we realized that photographing the Grand Canyon is a challenging task. The vast scenery is difficult to grasp and define a few particular points. For this project, we mostly shot at 200mm to isolate closed scenes. We think we have won the bet even if we are not once again completely satisfied.

We will return for an 8th trip. It will certainly be the right time before spring. We hope that in this next trip, the conditions we are looking for will be at the rendezvous.


Photography project in Grand Canyon in Arizona State in USA

Photography project in Grand Canyon in Arizona State in USA

Photography project in Grand Canyon in Arizona State in USA

Photography project in Grand Canyon in Arizona State in USA

Photography project in Grand Canyon in Arizona State in USA

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